Digital marketing intuitive

Digital Marketing Strategy

I will assess your current strategy and complete it or improve it where applicable OR personally create a digital marketing strategy for your business. I use Google Drive to create spreadsheets so you always have access to my progress and your plan.

Digital Marketing Analysis

I will utilize google analytics, facebook analytics, analysis tools withing your system, and also create spreadsheets to track and analyze quantifiable results and trends to help you assess what is working, what might need to be removed from your strategy and to help us find inspiration for potential new strategy concepts.

Digital Marketing Campaign Design

I use storyboarding and platforms like Canva, Adobe, Doodly, Slack,, mailchimp, automated social media posting options and others to create campaigns and media designs that uniquely meet your digital marketing needs.

Onboarding Strategy and System Design

I will design an employee onboarding strategy and system and/or a customer success onboarding system using platforms like Adobe or Docusign, Slack and to help you automate onboarding while offering new employees or clients an easy, communicative, and enjoyable onboarding experience. My goal is to help you become more efficient while creating a system that helps build a foundation for long term team members and clients by creating real relationships, trust, and community.

Digital Marketing Implementation

I will help you learn implementation of your digital marketing strategy OR will personally implement your digital marketing campaigns for you, depending on what optimally meets your needs and your vision.


I offer consulting for solopreneurs and business owners. Do you need some additional insight and support to help you assess your digital marketing and/or onboarding plans or guidance helping you create strategy or implement strategy? I will help you use technology, apps, and platforms to simplify and bring more efficiency to your business.